We are in the process of refreshing our website. Please see our price list below for the 2021 season!

Skydive Salmon Arm 2021 Price list

Tandem SkydivePriceTax 5%Total
Group (4-10)265.0013.25278.25
Group (10 plus)245.0012.25257.25
Taxes 12%
Selfie Cam 44.605.4050.00
Outside Cam117.0014.00131.00
First Jump CoursePriceTax 5%Total
First Jump Course210.0010.50220.50
Group (4-10)190.009.50199.50
Group 10 plus170.008.50178.50
Student JumpsPriceTax 5%Total
Student Jump90.004.5094.50
Experienced JumpersPriceTax 5%Total
10,000 feet40.002.0042.00
Hop N Pop23.801.2025.00
Block Tickets 30 jumps only availableuntil May 1st1080.0054.001134.00
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